Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Meal Planner

Hello Everyone! 

Thank you for being so receptive to my weekly dinner planner.

I want to help you by making some suggestions on what to make for dinner.  I know it can be frustrating planning a meal and I will give you a variety of different dishes hoping to take some stress out of your evening meal decisions.

I will also try to make the menu family friendly by mixing up the dishes/meals so you can shop in advance as not to have to rush.  Buy on sale items and if there are buy one get one, keep the extra one in your freezer for another meal.  Freezing saves time. You won't have to go to the store as often and that will save you money as well.  Take the items out of the freezer that you plan on using the night before and refrigerate it until it thaws.. 

Check out the menu before shopping so you be able to take advantage of sales and stock up on those on sale for use in this weeks menu.

Also stock up on frozen bagged items and a few canned too.  Rice and veggies are easy to pop in microwave and they are done so quickly.  Most vegetables and a salad go well with all dishes.. Buying fresh is great but make sure you are going to use it that week.

I will  continue to do the menus unless checking my views  shows that viewers are not visiting my site for the menu.

If I can see it has been useful  I will continue. Please remember to check out my blog Friday or Saturday for the menu. I will try to number the weeks on top of the blog.  This week is #1 and next Friday it will be Weekly meal planner #2 and so on.

This is the first menu to be posted.  The highlighted names are the link to that particular recipe.  Click or double click and it will take you to the recipe for that particular main course.

Enjoy! :)

As always,

M.J.  aka the I like to Bake and Cook lady!

Weekly Meal Planner

Dinner Notes  Make a large amount and freeze leftovers.
Sunday Pasta and Meatballs

Pasta and meatballs

Dinner Notes  Freezable
Monday Home made chili 

crusty rolls
Steamed Green Beans

Texas sheet cake
Link: Texas Sheet Cake

Dinner Notes
Tuesday Chicken Marsala

Link: Chicken Marsala
Baked Potato
green salad with low fat dressing
With or without mushrooms

Dinner Notes
Wednesday  Mom's Italian style Macaroni and Cheese

Italian Mac and Cheese

Side Salad
A true Italian Favorite

Dinner Notes
Gnocchi Soup

Gnocchi soup Lean Turkey sandwich
Easy and so tasty!

Dinner Notes

FridayLink: Tuna Noodle Casserole

Rice Pudding
Creamy Rice Pudding
Substitute grilled cheese instead of casserole

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