How I started to blog

Hello!  I am a modern Grammy who likes to bake and cook for everyone.. As I was preparing dinner one early afternoon my thoughts went to "why more people don't enjoy baking and cooking"? 

 We all want to be healthier and want our families to be healthy that is something I know for sure. 

I am hoping to post some easy meals you prepare at home as well as some traditional good food recipes that our parents and grandparents used to make.  I hope to inspire you so that you'll get back into kitchen basics and make some of those home cooked meals.  I know your family will appreciate you for it and they'll have many great recipes that they can pass on for years to come.

  I am hoping to encourage those of you who hesitate to bake and cook by suggesting some easy, healthy, and great tasting recipes and meals that would appeal to all, make them easy to prepare, show some pictures of the steps to preparing the meal,(pictures sometimes speak louder than words) so I could get more of you  back in the kitchen.  

Here's hoping you'll join me in this new adventure and that you will share with me your thoughts or suggestions to make baking and cooking in the kitchen something you'll enjoy once again..... 

Love and Stuff,