Saturday, November 26, 2016

Quick Chicken /Gnocchi Soup! OOH LA LA!!

This may be the answer to food overload.  Soothing soup! and hearty too.

This sure was easy!  and PERFECT for any day of the week!  I just love it when I can put something so easy and tasty together quickly. Using store bought gnocchi I made this soup an easy and fast way to make soup a fun way!  You can always add more gnocchi to the soup if you like a hearty type thick kind of soup.  Add lots of diced or sliced carrots too!

I package (16 oz.) gnocchi (cut in half and leave several whole)
1-48 oz Chicken Broth or more (**you can add 1 can cream of chicken soup to it if you like) or better yet skip the cream of chicken soup and make your own with a few T melted butter, flour and half and half)(whisking all together and when incorporated add to broth).
2 cups of water if adding cream of chicken soup 

1 + cup chicken  (I used tenders and cut them in small pieces)
1  to 2 small carrot diced or sliced
celery tops chopped
1 medium potato peeled and cubed
chopped fresh baby spinach (optional)
1/2 to 1 tsp. dried parsley
Italian grated cheese (optional)

**Note:  I prefer most times all chicken broth which can be easily thickened with a roux of  equal parts of butter and flour and when bubbly adding some broth to thin it slightly then adding the mixture to your broth.

  In a large pot place chicken broth, water and **cream of chicken soup if you are using the cream of chicken soup.  

Bring to a slow boil stirring with each addition.   Add carrots, celery tops and chicken.  Cook slowly until chicken is tender..

Note:  Chicken cooks quickly as you will see.  Add gnocchi and cook until gnocchi are tender.

  Add spinach (optional) a few minutes before serving.  ***All in all I think this meal can be completed in less than 1 hour using stove top method.

**Note: if you are not adding the cream of chicken soup and you want to make a roux you should in a separate small pan place two Tablespoons butter. When melted add Two Tablespoons flour and whisk briskly while adding a few tablespoon hot soup liquid.  Whisk until smooth and add to soup stirring until blended.

Celery, carrots and spinach make this a hearty healthy dish.  
Happy Cooking from my kitchen to yours,

updated 10-23-16

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