Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red and Green Peppers with onions in a red sauce: Sandwich topping!!!

 Here's a repost from several months ago and since I was in a sandwich mode I thought I'd share this easy topping for your sandwich..

 When I have one of those days that I really don't want to cook much, I slice some red and green peppers,some sliced onion and fry them in a bit of canola oil. When they are slightly browned I add some Hunts sauce(15 oz. can)and a bit of salt and red pepper and cook until all peppers and onions are cooked and sauce starts to bubble..Simmering for about 10 to 15 minutes.. I found some wonderful Natural corn puffs (Cheeto's Natural) and topped my sandwich with those too!!!!!! Crunchy, cheesy, just perfect to give this sandwich a thumbs up!!!! 

Oops!!! I forgot to tell you what this hot sandwich was..Frozen Philly Steaks..I cooked them on top of the stove in a bit of oil with salt and pepper and until they browned.   I lightly toasted a steak roll and topped it with the pepper/red sauce topping.

and I am not a bit guilty!!!!!! Well maybe a little bit, very little bit.........

Oh my goodness....I just loved this sandwich..

You can use this combination to top a nice steak or chicken sandwich or even eat it as is on some crusty rolls ir bread,

Happy Easy Cooking!.
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