Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Baking and Cooking!

 We are back from wonderful Naples, FL..We had a wonderful time there enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, beautiful beaches and had the luxury of lots of seasonal fruits and veggies.  We had some great lunches and dinners at some fabulous restaurants and seeing some great local entertainment. It was a very fine time !!  :)

I baked and cooked more than I thought I would being that it wasn't my kitchen and I didn't know how I'd feel in unfamiliar surroundings!  I did fine, just ask my hubby!  He has been amazing with taste testing everything and anything I put in front of him.  I think I brought life to his boring (sorry) choices in food.  Being Italian 100% he leans toward plenty of pasta and that's OK because I like it too but now I mix it up a bit and he is all for it!  Yipee!!!

I hope to get myself settled (so much unpacking to do)..I packed our house in our car! (no kidding) now the task of finding where everything goes..You kind of forget a bit and have to re establish your surroundings after 2 months away.

Looking forward to creating some new posts soon.

As always from my kitchen to yours,

M. J.

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