Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Italian Zucchini Pie

I came across this recipe as I was browsing the web.  I altered it a bit to our liking and I believe you will find it to be a very easy recipe to follow.  I posted it (as is) but added a bit of sharp cheddar cheese to the cheese mix as well and used Italian seasoning along with garlic and the the herbs the recipe called for to season the zucchini.  I used basic store crescent rolls and not the rolls it called for and it turned out fine.

I also took a screen shot of the recipe instead of my usual typing it.  It's summer and I do take some short cuts if I can.  If you have any questions send me a note via the blog or page.  I am here to help if needed.

Finding recipes for zucchini are not difficult but finding ones with flavor as well as ease in preparation don't always come hand in hand. This recipe appealed to me immediately and it didn't disappoint. I like to be able to taste cheese in my recipes that call for cheese so I'm not inclined to use Mozzarella unless it says it's a must.

Seasoning well and not overcooking zucchini is the way to go.  I made sure I only sauteed it for a few minutes before adding it to the cheese/egg mixture.  Be liberal with your seasonings and onions too!  Enjoy!


adapted to my liking.

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