Friday, November 25, 2016

The day after Thanksgiving 2016

Good day! I hope today finds everyone content and happy.

I bet a lot of you may be out and about doing some Black Friday shopping. I'll pass. 

I know several of my grandchildren were out late last night at the mall! I guess it's the place to be since they've been doing it for several years.

Yesterday was perfect. We had our dinner a little later than usual and we all enjoyed it and then had some interesting conversation which is always nice.

We played with the puppies which is a riot. Prissy Sophee and frisky Stanley really had us going. They play nicely for so long but since Stanley is still a pup he finally gets to Sophee and when she's had enough "SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH". Lol So then it's time to separate them. I think a little jealousy is involved since Sophee is 4 and Stanley is 6 months.  All in all the day was relaxing and we were blessed with plenty to eat.

I hope you had a good day and were able to enjoy every mouthful whether at home or out. I'm linking a post from the blog for a few ideas with your leftover turkey. If there is any!! Also a picture or two to enjoy. ❤️ M.j.

Pot Pie Muffins
One Crust Pot Pie

Pot Pie with biscuits

From my kitchen to yours,
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