Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Another great Thanksgiving has come and I hope yours will be one of peace and love.

I think of my many blessings often but especially at Thanksgiving.

I remember so many wonderful Thanksgiving with my grandparents.  Gosh it was so much fun!  As kids my brother and cousins would play under the dining room table, right at my parents, grandparents and friends of the family feet. It was so much fun.  Our little hideaway so we thought.  The tablecloth was just long enough to partially hide us. Giggle Giggle!!!!:)

Hopefully it is a mixture of great food, seeing friends or family.  Our family visit require driving.  Well my hubby drives.  Seeing family was so easy  back then.  Just a short drive or even a walk got us there. We visited often.  The children saw their grandparents often even when they grew up it was just a short distance from their home. People worked in the same area.  Not much highway driving at all.

Times have changed.  Children relocate to get better jobs. Grandchildren don't get the quality time like we used to. Spending time with their grandparents and even though they see them occasionally I personally think it's not enough but we don't have a choice unless we work very hard to get them to spend time with us. Making the extra effort is a job to co ordinate everyone busy schedules.  We make the extra effort to keep the family connected.  Those little remembrances I have with my grandparents I try to work in with my grandchildren when we see them but I always want more. I understand and accept it but I yearn for those days gone by when it was so simple.

You must make the effort.  It is worth it. 

Love and Blessings,

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