Friday, July 15, 2016

Visiting Mom and Harrisburg

My mom lives in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area and we visit her monthly if not more. She'll be 93 in October and is still going strong.

She lives in a small efficiently apartment and is quite independent.  She won't move closer to me so my hubby and I make a monthly trip to tend to her needs.  It's a long drive and quite tedious but thanks to my hubby who drives we make the most of it occasionally checking out a restaurant or an area on the way that we haven't been to..

We don't get to do much other than grab a bite to eat when we are travelling to and from her house.  Hubby goes several different routes to her house so as not to get too bored on the trip and also being it is so far we both get tired so stopping at a rest area and getting out of the car to stretch sometimes helps.

I have tried having her move closer to me especially that my dad and brother are no longer alive.  She won't hear of it so I'll do it as long as I am able to. It was an enjoyable two days and she likes all the mini meals and goodies I make for her.

On our trip back to Pittsburgh we decided to take the route to Harrisburg on the turnpike instead of our usual route 80 and 28.  

Since we were going to Harrisburg I contacted a very good friend to have lunch with us.  Her and her husband met us at a local eatery and it was wonderful to connect.  Good food and good conversation with friends is certainly good for the soul.  I much needed friendly lunch.

I took some photos of the city as well as a special bakery my hubby loved to patronize when he worked there.  The people are so nice and Italian.  The whole family contributes to the success of this business.  Husband, wife and children are involved on a daily basis.

The name is Alvaro's and you can't find nicer and friendlier people who take pride in their business.  It is on Green Street near McClay, a block or two from the Governor's Mansion.

Here's some of the goodies and freshly baked bread. Of course we took some home.  A must!

Make sure if you're in the Harrisburg area to check this place out.  They serve lunch and dinner too!

After checking out this familiar stop, we were off to do a car tour of the city

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of Harrisburg.

As Always,

Visiting with long time friends Ernie and Diane was great.  You can't beat having friends to share memories with.

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