Monday, July 25, 2016

Easy Waffles

I have to admit I really love waffles and although I make my own homemade pancakes I take the easy way out with waffles and the brand I use is totally awesome.

I'm not getting a dime for this store bought waffle mix plug but it's hard not to give out a shout out to this fabulous company.

Quite honestly every single product I have bought I 'd give a thumbs up including their waffle mix.

I have a small but really efficient and quick cooking waffle iron and it is perfect for waffles. I can zip them out in a flash.

The recipes is on the box and as you'll see in my photos I made a LOL few!  They are freezable for sure. That is if there are any left.

This is an all in the family delicious meal or make it a waffle sundae! Yummy!
Add whatever topping you'd like.

Strawberries (our favorite), bananas, blueberries or even chocolate chips and whipped cream!

Happy Baking 

From my kitchen to yours,

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