Monday, July 25, 2016

Celebrating our 49th Wedding Anniversary

Forty nine years. Time really does go way too quickly and it seems more so as we age.

It seems like yesterday we were high school sweethearts with no expectations just dreams of what we hoped life would be. We both had part time jobs which made us appreciate money and hard work. They both go together to accomplish your dreams and we both knew it. 

We both graduated high school and hubby went to college. Then off to the service he went and I to business college and beauty school. I wasn't happy doing one profession I needed two.  We both were ambitious and hard working.  There was no other way to fulfill our dreams then to save money so we could get married which included getting a good job and of course the home of our dreams.

If it seems like it was easy for us it wasn't.  A lot went into us accomplishing our goals.  Money was not handed to us.  We paid for our school and even most of our wedding.  Nothing was handed to us and that is the way it was then (1967)and now as well.  .

We dreamed of a home but quickly realized an apartment was going to have to do it until we were able to start to save.  It did not come easy. Hubby changed jobs to better himself and I finished beauty school as to go from being a secretary to a stay at home mom with an in home beauty shop. It worked!  I saved on day care having the in home beauty shop. The children played while I did hair.  Most times in the same room as I. LOL 

Hubby's  job required him to travel so I agreed to move along with him until the children went to first grade and thankfully it worked for us. The first few homes were away from our family and it was sure hard on us and I will say especially me.  Small children and a husband who was on the road a lot made it difficult for me with two children under 4 and one that was colickly to boot.  Many nights I cried trying to get my little one to be comfortable and sleep.  I was definitely sleep deprived and sad many many days but I was raised to be strong and by darn I tried my best to be strong most days. Our daughter grew out of the colic, started to not cry so much and our son became my rock.  My little man always helped mom get through the tough days and He still does. 

After a few years hubby was transferred back to the area we both were born and raised.  Things got easier and the children grew and were less demanding.  I survived....

Today we are settled in Pittsburgh close to our immediate family of children and grandchildren.  Our home is now a patio home with less work and more time for what we want to do. Both hubby and I have retired.

I do this blog for fun and it does keep me busy.  I love the people I have met along the way of my life.  They have made me who I am.  Mom and Dad made the mold and through the grace of God and I am happy with my life and the woman I have become. I care about others and treat people with respect.  My children are happy and my grandchildren have grown to be responsible and respectful.  We have always been the type of people who believe a little encouragement and guidance goes a long way. 

I hadn't intended on going on so much in this blog but I'm happy I decided to share my thoughts and feelings with you.
The good days, the stressful days and those in between.  We are handling them and continue to be thankful for what we have.

So I"m back on track now.  The below photos are a few from our 49th Wedding Anniversary dinner. I feel blessed to look back knowing hubby and I were meant to be.  High school kids falling in love and weathering every storm that came our way.

Narcisi Winery

Dan and Susan
Fra Diavala
The Winersy
Hubby bought me 49 roses.
His and her store bought Eclairs.  Yummy!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.

As always,

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