Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Make 2016 your year! Getting back on track

Good Morning! I had this beautiful inspirational message to post to you this a.m. I spend twenty minutes writing it and either my computer or Facebook decided to delete it all so I'm going to start it again. I'll start it by saying this year I am focusing on me! I could make a hundred excuses of why I shouldn't but I am not going to do that!

My mind is set this year on me. Me in the way of getting back on track with my weight. I know I can do it because I lost 35 lbs. 10 years ago and kept it off. I have gained some back uggh! I could blame medication, stress, eating out but basically it was once again some bad food choices and over eating......

Today I am going to do what I did 10 years ago. I was working so when I got a break(15 mi. or so)  I would pack cottage cheese and fruit to eat. (or something as an apple or applesauce in a  small container). Not a lot but enough for a small snack. When lunch came I ate light but filling things, (usually a half sandwich, fruit or yogurt. Lots of protein! Same in the afternoon small snack(granola bar or protein bar) for example.

Once or twice a week I would cook on top of the stove boneless chicken breasts with a little olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper. I'd Cut the chicken in cubes and refrigerate. I'd either pick at the chicken in between if I got a craving or use the chicken on salads. I'd change up the salad and always add more veggies.

 I'd use olive oil and vinegar to top the salad but would change off with other low in calorie dressings.You can easily make your own dressings with orange juice and olive oil.  Whisking juice with olive oil changes up the flavor and add strawberries, blueberries or any fruit that will spice up a salad.

Also for a snack I ate animal crackers. I really do like them.:) They are a great crunchy snacking treat. I'd package the animal crackers in little snack bags and eat around 16. I think that was a portion and the calories were low around 110 calories.

I felt really in control when I did portion my meals. I admit the last few years I have not been doing good portion control and snacking a lot between meals. I also love candy. Just about any candy I like so I am going to definitely try very hard to limit myself with that. Instead of big bags of candy I will do as I did then and on the way out of the grocery store buy 1 Hershey chocolate bar or some other candy bar or bag of chips if I want a treat..

I know lots of you have children and grandchildren so sweets and treats are around and that is so tempting but remember they also don't need a lot. I used to use the excuse I am buying them for the kids but found that I was the real KID who was eating them.

If you find this helpful I would like to hear from you. We CAN do this together....It'll be a great inspiration to me to hear how you are doing and maybe others. . Health is the main reason for my desire to get back on track but I won't lie so I have to say I want my clothes to look better without bulges.

 My both parents became diabetics when the were adults so I don't want to follow that pattern.

I am starting to re-post some healthier choices in recipes this  week and I plan on checking out some newer recipes along the way. Until then I will re-post some that I have and share with you.

Please feel free to share any or all with your friends. We are in this together. Weight is a number but our MIND controls everything so THINK POSITIVE AND LET'S START THE thinking2016 as getting healthier and looking better.  It's a  NEW YEAR WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. 

 Love and Stuff (your Rosebud friend) That may sound familiar to some of you . I use that word to signify my healthy food dishes that I share. Please share this with anyone you think might like to join us for the New Year.

xo M.J.

repost 3/1/2016
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