Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Anniversary going on 49 years!

 I'm feeling a little nostalgic today so I thought I'd share a few memories!  This July 2016 hubby and I will be celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary.  Here are a few highlights that I thought you might enjoy reading which I wrote about and posted July, 2014.

Yesterday we celebrated our 47th Wedding Anniversary.  Two kids who  were from the same town around the same age but didn't hang around together.  He was an ambitious kid who worked for his Dad and also at the local gas station.  He loved cars.  (the faster the better) and I was the quiet but perky girl who loved pretty dresses, worked in my parents small grocery store and was a Candy Stripper.  If you don't know what a Candy Stripper is.  They were young women who wore  stripped uniforms and volunteered at the local hospital delivering flowers,mail and chatting with the sick and I loved it.  

I didn't know him at all and one day a friend asked me if I'd like to go out with him.  I asked her to point him out and the rest is history.  We went to movies that we walked to that were miles from our house, school dances and slowly but surely getting to know each other. We became friends.

We were teenagers and I  never imagined for a minute that marriage would be in our future.  Who thought of it then, not me.  I did know he was a guy with super manners who treated me wonderful and was kind.

Through the years there were many tests of our marriage but never did we ever think of divorce, it wasn't an option.  You worked it out no matter.  A lot of our friends got divorces for various reasons and although it was years ago I think most wish they had tried harder to work it out. 


Our Grandchildren and my mom 2015

 We went to dinner for our anniversary and he bought me beautiful roses, an anniversary tradition. Life is good!

 I hoped you enjoyed a visit back in time with me....:)<3

** Please note: I do believe that women should not stay in a marriage where physical or mental abuse occurs.  That is not acceptable at all so sometimes trying to save that kind of marriage just isn't an option. (I had to mention that for those who try to stay and should not).  Your life it way too important and you deserve better.


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