Saturday, November 7, 2015

Quadrucci in Chicken Soup! They're Italian noodles

A Thanksgiving Suggestion:  A cup of soup before your turkey dinner or maybe make some turkey soup the day after.  A cup of soup is always a nice touch to add to any meal.

My mother in law was famous for the quadrucci she made for soup.  Chicken Soup! Short cut.  Check out the pasta isle at the grocery store.  **If you can find them Gia Russa or Manichevitz brand have these noodles.

Add a little grated Italian Cheese to enhance the flavor

* I wasn't familiar with the name other than I knew it had to be Italian so I went to my Blue Guide Italy Food companion and it describes quadrucci(kwod-roo-chee)as pasta squares that are added to soups or broth...

My mother law would make her pasta dough and dry it and layer each pasta sheet ( cutting her pasta in long narrow sheets she would place one on top of each other (several sheets) and cut them into tiny squares so precisely and oh so perfect..What a wonderful memory I have of her cutting the quadrucci...and after they were cut to perfection she would lay out clean tablescloths to dry the quadrucci on..My kids loved them!!! and so did my hubby and I.   Fond memories to share with you!  Hope you enjoyed reading them!

While I was visiting up home(I always call NE Pa. as home) we stopped at one of our local Italian pasta markets...These little Italian markets sell homemade cappelletti, ravioli, gnocchi , guadrucci, homemade fettucini , spaghetti and red sauce..Pizza shells too!!  So I decided I'd buy some guadrucci.. I haven't made that type of noodle yet so today I am making chicken soup and adding the bought but home made little square noodles to my soup.

You can use any small type pasta and I also think they sell square pasta noodles too. **Gia Russa brand has them and they are labeled Egg Flakes.  They are larger than my mother-in-laws size noodles but they are a good substitute. 

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