Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sharing my thoughts on my blog! Repost from 2011

I have been blogging  for approximately 4 months and feel myself wanting to expand my recipes in a lot of different areas.

 My taste buds are calling on me to venture out in other food areas.. I am still an Italian cook first and love my Slovakian  foods but I hope you'll continue to join me for some new food adventures. .

I recently posted my potato gnocchi recipe.  Mom's cappelletti and Nana's ravioli recipe will follow in October....

 you I would be delighted if you would follow me on this food journey!  I love comments so please feel free to post any comments..

You have inspired me to continue with this blog and I hope I have inspired you as well..  Happy Baking and Cooking!

Looking forward to spending more time wi in my kitchen,
M. J.

9/7/11 original

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