Monday, February 9, 2015

Handy Kichen Tools: #2

Poultry scissors.. Love them!! Easier to handle chicken than with a knife...Just cut the unwanted skin etc. away
Silicone pastry brush. I like it better than a bristle brush..Easier to clean too!
Paring knife..I have several
Meat thermometer...Takes the concern out of cooking your meat/ chicken sufficiently.  Will show if your roast is  done.
Pancake flipper..You should have a large and small size.

Electric Knife.. I have had one for over 40 years..and still use it from carving roasts to slicing Biscotti..

I absolutely love these..One for flour, sugar and rice! No need to clutter your counter with a canister set..They fit easily in your cabinet..

The photos aren't the greatest but I was just starting so there is a lot to be learned in that are.  Enjoy!

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