Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cooks Day Off!!

 I'd like to share some of my first blog posts with you.  My family is going through some tough times and my mind is not on baking or cooking.  I am preparing a lot of my old recipes and also getting out and enjoying a few small meals. 

Once I can focus a little better I'll be back to my passion of baking and cooking. I promise!

Love, M.j.

I've surpassed my expectations of what I thought my blog would be.. It has taken me on a journey of  my family recipes but also new ideas to make this blog what my fellow foodies seem to enjoy.  It seems my waking hours are spent thinking of what I am going to post the next day!  I have become somewhat obsessed with it!    My son tells me that is because it is my passion, and that it is a good thing! I agree!!!

Since I am not cooking today we are searching out that quick but tasty something to satisfy both my hubby and grandson.who is visiting us...  We are searching out a place to satisfy their love for that perfect quick satisfying meal?  A hoagie or a sub?   My hubby likes Philly cheese steak hoagies.  My grandson loves Italian subs.   So depending on your locale it is a hoagie or a sub?  I grew up calling this crispy long roll , piled with lots of different meat, cheese and lots of toppings a hoagie . Today where we ate they called them subs.  Whatever you want to call really doesn't matter as long as they are Yummy!!!

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