Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts

How about some easy snacks for gift giving or some reasonable and affordable kitchen friendly items or for the person who loves plants here are several selections.

 Click on the highlighted link for a few as well as several other ideas in the post.

Hoping to help with your gift selections.

A great hostess gift that will be appreciated.

Hostess Gift  

Dollar store container filled with goodies.  Pennies to make.

Aprons for the kitchen king or queen

Cool Gifts  

A plant or herb they would enjoy.  Christmas Cactus or a pothos plant are beautiful and easy to maintain.  The cactus produces flowers this time of year the the Pothos plant comes in a variety of variagted or green leaves which is great for a low light areas.

Christmas Cactus

Jade Plant

A colorful plant container(Rosemary plants) are available this time of year.  They are easily kept indoors for all year round herb use. This is my Rosemary that I took outside in summer after spending the winter inside my home.

Why not make a basket with some kitchen or garden tools?  I love mine!  Go to your local garden center or discount department stores and buy a inexpensive basket or garden container and fill with useful garden tools and supplies.  There are so many to choose from and as a person who loves anything garden friendly I would love anything from there.  Tools, plant spikes, gloves, etc.  They'll love it to name a few!

 For the baker or cook a new cookbook would be appreciated.

One more gift idea is a Gift card to their favorite grocery store.  Who wouldn't like that?  Practical and definitely would be appreciated.

I'm hoping some of these gift suggestions have been helpful and they won't break your gift budget either.

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas to all! xo

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