Thursday, June 12, 2014

Polenta with Red Sauce: My First Blog Post

 Three years Blogging and still going strong!

My Mother in Law served polenta on a board(large wooden cutting board)I remember eating from that board many times. We would all sit around the table, she would place the polenta in the center of the table on a large wooden board and we would all eat our section of polenta that we would mark  in our area with our fork. ( Half circle around area that we felt we would eat). She also made her sauce from freshly hunted rabbit and used ground fat back to start her red sauce.   I never knew there was rabbit meat in her sauce or I might have been reluctant to eat it. :) but sometimes the less you know the better :). It actually tasted ok.

It was a new experience for me because even though I am half Italian Mom made polenta on many Sunday's and would make it with her traditional meat sauce.
She usually spooned the polenta  into a dish the way my pictures demonstrate and topped the meat sauce with plenty of freshly grated Italian (pecorino romano) cheese
Here is the recipe that I follow to this day!  Enjoy!!

2 cups corn meal poured into 2 cups cold water  Stir into mixed.    Bring 5 cups of water to boil to which 1 1/2 tsp. salt has been added..  Add cornmeal mix... Cook slowly with cover slightly on(it will splash if not covered) until it has thickened..About 1/2 hour....Let it set for a few minutes before adding a Meat Sauce and grated Italian cheese..That's Italian!!!

Just a note:  This post on Polenta was my very first blog post on blogger!  5/18/11!! 

Happy Baking and Cooking from my kitchen to yours,



5/18/11 My first blog post!

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