Friday, June 13, 2014

Homemade Roast Beef and Gravy from my kitchen to yours,

 I promised my grandsons I make a beef roast with potatoes and gravy.   They love anything in gravy(brown gravy).  Today for this meal I bought an eye round roast (my mother- in- law favorite) choice.    Mom used  bottom round or chuck roast.

This particular roast was about 3 lbs..I put about 4 tablespoons canola oil in my small roaster, poked a few holes in the roast and put little pieces of sweet onion, salt and pepper.  I cut up the rest of the onion(medium onion) and put the pieces in the roaster along with the roast..

I browned the roast first on top of the stove on each side(that will make the stock a nice color) and then added about 2 cups of water.. In the oven it goes(covered) for about 3 hours.

 I tested it after 2 hours with a meat thermometer.  It should read 180 for beef well and I wanted my roast to almost fall apart.  It still wasn't up to that reading so I left it in the oven another hour.  Note:  Buy a oven food is worth it..takes the guess out of cooking roasts.  Also your roast will only be as good as the quality of the meat you buy..So buy your meats from a good grocer or butcher. 

 After the roast in done I take the onion pieces out and take the roast out to slightly cool and slice to desired thickness.I love my electric knife so that is what I used today.

 To make gravy ..Take 1 cup of drippings and 1/4 cup water(you should always use cold water for gravy) I use 2 tablespoons flour per cup.. Mix the flour with the water first and add to drippings.  On medium heat stirring constantly cook gravy until it thickens. I served the meal with creamed corn, their favorite veggie...Good Stuff!

Happy Cooking !  Hope your family enjoys this as well:)


Perfectly sliced with an electric knife

They like roast beef sandwiches!

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