Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! The Menu and Meal (Pictures Included) 6/19/11

To celebrate the day I decided to make one of my husband's favorites.  STEAK! Other than Italian food  he loves a good steak. As an added surprise LOBSTER TAIL..Usually a NY strip steak but today it'll be Filet's (didn't find any nice strips). OK.. so here we go:

Filet from the Market and Lobster Tail(I boiled and then brushed with butter and a dash of paprika and broiled them until butter was bubbly).
Red leaf lettuce with strawberries and toasted pecans(lite orange dressing)
Baked Idaho Potato/butter
No rolls today(watching our waistline)

For Dessert: Fresh baked biscuits with homegrown strawberries(just did on a whim)(Did I mention this is his  FAVORITE DESSERT)!!!!!!!!!!!

I may add to this that I like a good filet on occasion and I do so love LOBSTER so I 'm happy about this menu as well! 

 Happy Baking and Cooking!

Note:  Just finished our dinner and it was of great quality and taste and my hubby said I get an A+...not really but he said it was perfect and thanked me so I guess I did good.

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