Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yummy Spinach! A few meal suggestions

 Every photo pictured on my blog is kitchen tested.  Enjoy!

Popeye loved spinach and you can too! A healthy green   antioxidant rich food that can be eaten fresh or lightly sauteed or steamed. You can use it to complete your meal and it is so good for you.  Introduce your children to spinach in a salad or even add a few of the green leaves to their sandwich.  

When I was growing up my Mom always bought huge bags or bunches of fresh spinach.  She would wash the spinach really well to make sure all the dirt was removed from the leaves and then put a nice amount of olive oil and garlic(several cloves) in a huge pot and add the spinach. (Salt and pepper to taste) Mom would cook it just until it wilted and honestly with a slice of fresh bread she'd make a meal.  Today I am showing a few easy suggestions to help you make spinach a part of any meal you would make.

Here are a few suggestions to make spinach a part of your families healthy veggies.

Email me for any of the below recipes. I would be happy link you to the recipe or blog post.

Happy Cooking from my kitchen to yours,


Chicken, spinach and tomatoes sauteed with oo over rice

Add some of your favorite dressing for a yummy salad.

Wash and ready to use in any way you'd like

Pasta with scallions topped on fresh spinach and Asian dressing

Spinach Tart

Pork tenderloin roasted and on a bed of sauteed spinach with carrots

Spinach, peppers, tomatoes, sliced beef and snow peas over rice

Spinach Dip

Pasta salad with spinach, red peppers and feta

Sauteed spinach and carrots in olive oil

Chicken patties with spinach and red roasted peppers over rice

Chicken sausage, spinach and beans

Chicken salad topped with fresh spinach on white bread
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