Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tortellini with garlic, butter, olive oil and green onions!

Another easy meatless meal is cheese tortellini with your favorite sauce or pesto.   I always keep several bags of cheese tortellini in my freezer for in a pinch quick side or meal.   in your favorite soup, used a a great side or a meal tortellini are one of the items you should keep several bags of in your freezer. 
In a medium sauce pan cook tortellini according to directions. (no need to over cook) drain.

In a medium size fry pan saute green onion( I used 4 green onions chopped) in butter(2 T) and (1/3 cup) or less olive oil, add garlic(2 cloves) and simmer a few minutes carefully as not to burn garlic.  Add cooked and drained tortellini and toss.  Season with some grated pecorino romano cheese. Serve with a toss salad.

Hint:  Garlic stores well in freezer.  Break in cloves and store in a small container.  I never ever run out of it for that reason.

Happy Cooking!

Bon Appetite!


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