Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm making a Frittata! One of my first Posts!

Good Morning!

Mom would make a Frittata when she didn't know what to make us and it was easy. She sometimes added green peppers because we all loved them..Today I am making the basic Frittata and I had some red skinned potatoes that I had boiled in the frig. so I fried some of them for an added touch..Feel free to add anything you might like..the more the merrier...In the summer Mom would slice a huge tomato from the garden and serve it with the Frittata; today we might serve some salsa with it..I've done that and it is very good..Happy Cooking!

Basic Italian Frittata Recipe

2 eggs
1 tablespoon Pecorino Romano Cheese
1 tablespoon milk
 Butter or olive oil (1 tablespoon)

Beat eggs with milk, add cheese...In pan heat butter or olive oil.(your preference) add egg/cheese/milk mixture..Cook slowly until set in center..Note: Cook any add in vegetable in pan  before you add egg mixture...Some suggestions,peppers, red or green, spinach, broccoli,onions..and for you meat lovers fry some crumbled sausage.  After cooking, top with Salsa if you like! Happy Cooking!

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