Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving with the family! 2012

 Re-post   Our 2012 Thanksgiving dinner!

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or any day of the year I want to say that my heart is filled thanks and gratitude for my family, friends and all the good people in the world.  I feel blessed to be able to share a part of my day with you.  I wish each and everyone of you health, a safe place to lie down to rest and food on your table. 

I was a little under the weather so happily my best friend and daughter, Susan, took on the Thanksgiving Challenge. It really wasn't anything new though because having 3 hungry boys and a husband to feed everyday is a challenge in itself.  It seems she can't have enough of all their likes handy all the time and that is frustrating for her.  I truly sympathize!

Cranberry, orange, pineapple, apple warm or chilled compote

The only meal that I can tell you is their favorite would definitely involve chicken, turkey, mashed potatoes,stuffing and gravy.  So Thanksgiving is by far their best holiday to give thanks and fill up their stomachs with lots of Turkey!!!! Note:  My son in law is of Irish decent and Turkey or Ham dinner were his families favorite holiday meals so Susan has adapted her menu to his likes and today this meal is his favorite.

Golden brown and tender

Getting started

Our Grandson Daniel reading the Thanksgiving blessing

My plate!

Dan carving the Bird (Note:  extra turkey breast on side)

Susan's homemade layers with lots of apples Apple Pie

Checking out the new pooch, Sophee

Andrew (Andy's) favorite Dirt dessert!  Of course leftovers are for his breakfast!

They taunted me to dig in..lol

Custard Rice Pudding!

Daniel (Sully)

Madeline (Maddie)

Nathan (Nate)

Zoe!!! Poppy and Mark, her Dad and our oldest and only son.

When I grew up Turkey was on the menu for Thanksgiving but also a huge dish of pasta!  Dad felt it had to be there and that was the way it was every year.  I would object, feeling sorry for Mom, but yes it had to be included in our Thanksgiving meal and she never complained.  It would be basically two meals she would prepare.

I come from a mostly(50%)mezza mezza Italian family.  Two Italian Grandfathers and a Slovak and an English grandmother so our meals were half Italian meals and 1/2 Nana R's Slovak meals. Grandma S followed Grandpa S's family recipes so in all honestly we ate more Italian meals than others. Did I confuse you yet????

When I married into a 100% Italian family I finally understood the request for pasta.  My mother in law never made turkey and her grandchildren(our children) could not understand why.  It would be Capon (chicken)  Ravioli or Lasagna.  I remember so well my children asking why Nonni (that's what they called her) never made turkey?   When I finally got the nerve to ask her she would say "turkey is dry", Capon isn't and she never made turkey for Thanksgiving to my recollection. Her Ravioli and lasagna were awesome to say the least but her Italian ways would not allow a Turkey on her table.

Happy Baking and Cooking and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours,

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