Friday, October 4, 2013

Cleveland's West Side Market! Food, Fun & Lots to see

We (referring to my hubby and I) had heard so many wonderful things about Cleveland decided to invite our good friends and explore the city.  I have to say I am so happy we did.  Not only is it a beautiful city so spacious and bright but the market and little quaint shops made the day even better.  I love quaint unique shops.  You must put Cleveland on your list of must see!! 

 Cleveland Rocks! 

I'll  be sharing the day with you through some pictures I was able to take. The day was a bit cloudy and windy and I was hoping for a few nicer shots but I think you'll get the gist of what a wonderful time we had but first I'd like to share a little history of the West Side Market.

The West Side Market, at the edge of Ohio City in Cleveland, is a cultural and culinary gem. Opened in 1912, the market combines graceful Neo-Classical/Byzantine architecture with a vibrant produce and meat, poultry, and dairy market. Not only is the West Side Market an interesting and fun place to visit, it's a great place to find quality groceries at affordable prices.

History and Architecture:

The ninety-five year old West Side Market consists of an indoor market with its distinctive clock tower and an adjacent semi-enclosed "outdoor" market, filled with produce, grain, and fresh flower vendors.The West Side Market, originally created as a neighborhood ethnic market still fulfills that function as well as a fascinating day trip destination for suburbanites and those visiting the city

 Inside the market, make sure to note the original quarry tile flooring as well as the decorative corbels, depicting animals and vegetables, on the market's columns. Also distinctive is the 44-foot high vaulted ceiling with its rich terracotta tile, placed in a herringbone design.

 The indoor market features meat and poultry vendors as well as those selling cheeses, dairy products, and bakery items. It is here that the ethnic character of the market really shines. Items for sale here include Amish chickens, fresh Hungarian sausage, freshly cut steaks and pork chops, strudels, and hard and soft cheeses. Ohio City Pasta sells their homemade pasta here; the Cheese Shop offers more than 140 different kinds of cheese; and there's an adjacent fish market with all varieties of fresh fish and seafood. Prices here are generally attractive.

What a day!!!! Even had the pleasure of hearing some Mandolin music while we had some coffee and dessert!

We were treated to some great Mandolin music!

The sweetest and most helpful young woman!  with great culinary products.  Check out her small but unique shop in the Market! www.The

Walleyes are at all fish markets..

Something Different Gallery!  Isn't this COOL!Check them out at WWW.SOMETHINGDIFFERENTGALLERY.COM

Something Different WWW.SOMETHINGDIFFERENTGALLERY.COMKoula , the owner, we had the pleasure of chatting with . Gracious and so helpful.  The gallery is a must see!

The best pastries! They're the "I miss home pastries"pastries everyone wishes they had in their town.

Yes we brought some home :)

This restaurant is called the Crop.  We  opted to go to Little Italy but took a quick look inside.

You talkin to me!
or me?

Need I say more!!!! One of the best!  I liked it as much as NYC's Little Italy!!

Where we dined and it was delicious, homemade and reasonable in price.  We would definitely go back and Huge portions too!

Homemade potato gnocchi..Definitely homemade!!! You could taste the  potato..Yummy

A view of some of the beautiful displays in the Something Different Gallery!     WWW.SOMETHINGDIFFERENTGALLERY.COM
Unique an durable!  I love them and can't wait to use them....
Just a small example of the many delicious desserts..
I must get one of these.  Every year I say it .  It's a must!

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