Friday, August 16, 2013

Our day enjoying Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park!

Spending some time at Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur.


 Moraine State Park is in western Pennsylvania. It
is bisected by PA 422 running east/west and PA 528
running north/south.
To access the South Shore Recreation Area, take
the South Shore Exit off PA 422.
To access the North Shore from PA 422 west,
take the North Shore Exit.
There is no access to the North Shore from PA
422 headed east from I–79, so take the South
Shore Exit, get onto PA 422 West and take the
North Shore Exit.
Moraine State Park
225 Pleasant Valley Road
Portersville, PA 16051-9650

Some of life's inexpensive and unknown treasures. Check out the link.

Some of life's inexpensive and unknown treasures are State Parks.  Check out the link.
Link below: 

Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur

Several friends, hubby and I decided to check out Moraine State Park and the lovely Lake Arthur, a very beautiful and scenic state park that although it is only approximately 1/2 hour from our home; we had never been there.  Amazing waterfalls and rock formations, families on bikes leisurely enjoying a very nice bike path.   It is very hard to explain the beauty.  It's a must see!

A big thank you to my hubby for suggesting that we check it out and take a water tour.  Only $14.00 a person and that included a pizza party with lemonade and iced tea.  Wow!  A bargain too!

 Below is a small example of what we were able to enjoy.  Next time it'll be some bike riding and a short hiking adventure.

 Take note fishermen and boaters.  They also have fishing and sail boating and Pontoons to rent.  Oh what a great excursion for the family!!!

It is located north of the center of Pittsburgh in Butler County.

Water Tour

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