Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to pick, core, cut and slice a pineapple:

When I first started blogging I received a comment from someone who mentioned why would I do a post on picking and cleaning a pineapple?  The below short story is why.  This is a repost! for those who haven't had a chance to check it out. I think it helped some before and hopefully it'll help some again. 

Do you know how to pick a great pineapple?

Zoe and Maddie demonstrating (pull from center)

If it comes out's ripe :)


When I was at the market the other day a young woman was attempting to pick out a pineapple.  It appeared that she didn't know how to chose one. She was picking several up turning them around and looked puzzled. She turned and asked me if I knew how to tell if one was ripe... Here's how!  Hold the pineapple firmly with your hand and pull out a piece from the center.  It should come out very easily; if not, it isn't ripe enough. Try another. You may have to try several!

Now for the fun part.  Rinse pineapple well under cold water before cutting to clean it a bit.  Cut top and bottom off  then slice it in about 1 inch sections.  Remove core and take edge off (almost like cutting the skin off a cantaloupe) and slice in pieces..  It is that easy!

Pineapple can be used in various recipes and is a welcome addition in a fruit tray or just to eat by itself.

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