Friday, May 10, 2013

On of the many reasons I love visiting our roots! Nothing like food memories!

Hi everyone!

This is a re-post of a great time hubby and I had visiting mom.  Great memories!

I've been visiting-my family the last few days and other than it being so wonderful seeing my mom, brother, sister -in-law and brother's in- law's, nieces, Liz and Ness, FOOD, along with great conversation, was one of the many highlights of this trip.

We all love pizza and honestly I could travel all over the world but pizza from NEPA (North East PA) has to be the best! Crispy, light and tender. The perfect tomato/cheese blend. Oh my!!!

Some think pizza is basically all the same. NOT! They are so wrong! Our pizza is called a tray! Not a pie!! And no mozzarella or provolone loaded cheese. Special mouth watering soft not stringy cheese blend. I haven't figured out the secret recipe but I'm working on it!.

Also our bakeries are real bake shops not grocery chains . You can tell the difference. Here's a few photos I like to share:).

Our Favorite Pizza

Mom, my brother and I

Italian Rum Cake

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