Friday, March 1, 2013

Festival Food and more at St Katherine's Greek Festival!

This was our first year attending St. Katherine's Greek Festival and I was excited to get to see traditional food and festivities being enjoy by local residents. I found that those I associated with were so friendly.  I really felt extremely comfortable..As though I was family!  Chatting with the people who volunteer so willingly in food preparation and time is not only heartwarming but made me want to see more of this type of fellowship in all walks of life.  It was very uplifting and made me smile.. Enjoy!

First View..

Koubrambiedes..A buttery cookie rolled in powdered sugar

I think Baklava....???

These reminded me of Italian Biscotti..They are called Paxemadia.. Delish....Of course we bought some!!:)

Lots of desserts and I meal too !  We didn't get a chance to sample any meals :(..Next year for sure :)

Loukoumades.  Hot deep fried dough puffs, drenched in syrup and dusted with cinnamon

Hubby in line waiting to purchase some Loukoumades..
Just a small example of some Greek folk dancing

Of course a view of sun setting while at the festival

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