Monday, March 4, 2013

Meatloaf Monday!!

 Re-Post of Mom's Recipe for Meatloaf!!

I've been thinking of different ideas and recipes for my blog.  I am going to start posting, on Monday's, in a few weeks using various different meatloaf ideas.  I will start with a few of my favorites and then I am going on to create some others using basic ingredients I have at home and probably some from the local market or grocery store.. Variations  which will  introduce new ways to add some nutritious and flavorful items to a particular meal.. Here's hoping you'll like this new idea.  I hope to be starting it soon..Happy Baking and Cooking!  Here's a starter recipe!

 With Valentine Day approaching I didn't get a chance to post our Meatloaf Monday meal. It is still a favorite and easy to do.  Today it was the basic but we both love it either stuffed with mashed potatoes (posted earlier on the blog) or Italian stuffing( blog post too! (which is my very favorite)..Mom's basic meatloaf recipe along with mashed potatoes and gravy was the request from hubby today.  I also made some saute' brussel sprouts, asparagus, onions, garlic and carrots .Take some time and make a meatloaf (leftover meatloaf sandwiches are a plus)+.

First steam (microwave)Brussel sprouts for a few minutes to soften a little. To a large skillet add several tablespoons OO .Saute  Brussel Sprouts, sliced onion,, asparagus, sliced carrots, salt and pepper and top with bacon bits.

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