Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brio, Bruschetta and Pear Berry Martini!

While we have been in Naples even though I cook most days there are some luxuries that I must allow myself and lunch seems to be right dining out choice for several reasons, price and serving size.

  A few dollars less expensive (cheaper) and honestly I really don't care to take home leftovers so choosing lunch to dine out is a favorite of ours.  Lunch is anywhere from 12 to before 4 and that is what we consider when we decide to eat out.  If  you can do it and have some time before 4 p.m.  you may want to catch the luncheon menu.  Some restaurants do serve luncheon size portions all day.  You just have to ask! It really is about portion control with every meal and I am sure most enjoy a meal out now and again so just ask!

Our dine out today was Brio (sister to Bravo). Very nice Italian Restaurant that has several locations.  Menu pretty much the same.  One thing I did note was Bravo serves their bread with dipping oil.  Brio serves it with butter.  Love it both ways so that didn't effect us either way.

I started my lunch with their homemade minestrone.

Then on to:Bruschetta Quatro

Krispy Bread toasted and topped with several different toppings.  Panchetta, red roasted peppers, steak and tomato mozzarella.  Quatro (4) different toppings.  Great way to sample them all of them..Bon Appetit!
Pear, Berry Martini!

Small dessert of Tiramisu.

The St. Patty's Day parade..Wow

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