Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy to Make a Cake your way!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!!!!!!!

When Valentine's Day approaches my mind always goes to what my mother had told me a very very long time ago.  She would say "Just remember, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I always believed that to be true and have made it a point to make meals and desserts that my hubby enjoys.  Is it just me or are there others who feel that making a loved one some favorite food puts a smile on their face and makes you happy too!  So double happiness!!

This Valentine's Day I made two of my hubby's favorite pies. I made them both this morning and it took maybe 2 hours from start to finish to complete them.   A nectarine cream pie (I found several nice ones and let them sit on my counter for a few days) and an traditional apple pie.

The heart is two nectarine slices I put together and sprinkled heavily with cinnamon
My hubby gave me 12 of these beauties!

They both were very easy to make and I used disposable cake pans to make both.  How easy is that?  No clean up after.  Just throw them away!   I used a previous recipe I had for a peach cream pie, used the nectarines instead and even used a refrigerated pie shell for both pies..It made it really very easy to please my guy and I didn't spend a whole lot of time preparing them..  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

Happy Easy Baking in your kitchen and mine too!!


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