Friday, January 11, 2013

Perciatelli Pasta~~~Grandpa R's Favorite!!

Perciatelli, (also called bucatini), are originally from Naples and are long strands of pasta with a round pierced section.( It looks like a small hole in center of pasta) well known are the bucatini in your local Italian markets.

Happy Cooking from my kitchen to yours,


My favorite pasta is Angel Hair or Cappellini then I'd choose Rigatoni or any thick type pasta or macaroni.  Macaroni is how Mom referred to it and so did my husband's family.  Now it's referred to as  PASTA!!!

As a young girl I remember watching my grandfather eat this wiry type pasta with such enjoyment.  I can still picture his face while sitting at our table.  Grandpop, as we would call him, would stop by while out for a walk and Thursday was Macaroni day as well as Sunday and Mom tried to make Perciatelli (his favorite, on occasion).  He was a man of small stature but could pack away lots of those wiry long pieces.  Mom did break them in half too! Of course she would finely grate (she purchased Pecorino cheese in large (huge) pieces at the local Italian Market).  No pre-grated cheese for us.  Unfortunately I opt for already grated most times...:(

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