Friday, November 9, 2012

Home is where the heart is! Family, Friends and Good Food!

Yesterday my hubby and I went to visit mom.  We visit at least once a month and although I absolutely hate the 5+  hour drive one way the moment I see mom all my anger leaves seeing her smile.  She is lonely I know and won't move closer to me because she really likes where she lives.  She has a small but comfortable efficiency apartment in a lovely graduated community.  When and if she needs extra care she'll be able to move into another area without any problem. That is a great comfort to my brother and I.

I bring small mini meals which she freezes for later and desserts too.  She loves the pampering. While we are there I make any necessary calls and errands for her. Some times we eat in the dining room or cafe but most times she likes to have me all to herself so we sit and chat for several hours and I bring a pizza or cannoli or danish from one of our loyal bake shops.(Royal Bake Shop) Main Street in Exeter, Pa.
Cream filled Cannoli's!! The best!!

In the evening now and again we get to visit friends or extended family.  This visit we were able to connect with some high school friends and have dinner.  It was truly an enjoyable few hours.  We enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant, Valenti's. It is located on the main street in Exeter, Pa.  The food was fabulous and a great value!  Homemade Italian items and their weekly special of Lobster Tail.  Amazing!  Prepared to perfection and presented beautifully.  We have been there before and I swear it gets better with each visit, if that is possible?  My compliments to the owner and chef Michael Valenti!!

Al and I with Mildred and Anthony!!

Homemade chicken vegetable soup..Hearty for sure! Loaded with chicken and veggies

My favorite.  Tender and oh so delicious Lobster tail with drawn butter..Fabulous!

Chicken Caccitore..

Lemon Lush..I remember that dessert from long ago!

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