Friday, October 5, 2012

Hitting Pittsburgh's Strip District! 2012

Here are a few of my photos from our day at the Famous Strip District in Pittsburgh! This trip was October 5, 2012


Is this a Deal?  OMG too expensive!

The oranges were wonderful..I made a salad with some today.
At the old time candy store I was brought back to when my Grandpa had a candy store and I worked there.  Penny Candy!  Yes then it was a penny today I asked the woman and she said 5 or 10 cents a piece

Fabulous Biscotti but mine are better!  I'm partial!

Famous Parma Sausage..Been around for ages

Driving in to the strip

Super Deal!  My friends said I should have bought them out and sold them at our development.  Everyone wanted them!

I did manage to get some cracked anise and cumin

I love red peppers!

I bought a few of these!

Someone has to do it and I'm glad it's not me!
Mums and lots of others at reasonable prices
The largest chocolate covered macaroon....Yummy Yummy!

I love sharing these photos with you!  Come visit my blog often for lots of great food, recipes and fun times.

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