Monday, October 8, 2012

Mar's October Apple Fest!

I have been cooking.  Really I have!  Nothing fancy or new so I haven't blogged too much in the new and exciting food meals or dishes. Sorry!  :(  I'll get back on track soon.  I promise!

For the last few weeks my hubby and I have been hitting all the hot spots where there are festivals going on.  FALL FESTIVALS!

We both love being outdoors on cool,sunny days and we have managed to get to a few really nice Fall fun times.  On Thursday we went to our Strip District and enjoyed Pittsburgh's famous shopping district.  Saturday it was the Apple Fest in a little town near ours called MARS.  Yes MARS, Pa.  Cute little town where their apple festival is really growing into a must see for sure. They even have a decorative spaceship right in town square.  Cute as that may be!  Hope this makes you want to go looking for a Fall Festival in your town or nearby.

Happy Monday from my little neck of the woods to yours,


This is an older picture of Zoe in front of the flying saucer (2010)
Apple Pie anyone?

Hubby saying hello to a good friend.

Candy Apples, Yummy!

I couldn't help it!  I had a wonderful sausage and pepper sandwich(lots of onions, yum)


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