Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going out for some Cold Cheese Pizza!

Until I moved to this area ( Pittsburgh) I had never eaten cheese pizza where the cheese was served cold.  Yes COLD!  I'll tell you I was very skeptical.  My hubby found the place (Beto's) on his own and tried it.  He loved it and after months of his trying to talk me into going for this type pizza I finally gave in.  This was my second visit and I have grown to really like it. The crust was light and so crispy and the tomatoes were seasoned perfectly.  By the amount of customers I saw coming and leaving with pizza I'd say their pizza business is very successful.

 Freshly made dough(they allowed me in the kitchen)with what appeared to me as freshly seasoned  tomatoes topped with loads and loads of shredded provolone cheese.  The cheese is put on top of the baked crust and it's cold! Note:  They bake the crust with the tomatoes until it is crispy and then take it out of the oven and then with huge handfuls top that crust with the cheese.

Before you say "NO WAY", you really have to give this type pizza a chance.  I said that and now think it's pretty darn good!  My only complaint is that FOR ME there was way too much cheese because I love the tomato taste.  It is piled so high and is hanging from the baked crust so I told them "light cheese for me".  They obliged but I could tell they don't get that request often.

I did see some people ordered toppings galore on top of the cheese.  I think one was topped with a heaping amount of ground sausage.  I am still in awe how well received this pizza is here.  The place was jammed!

 Here's some photos I took with no complaints from them..They allowed me in back to see a bit of their work.  I didn't hang out long because they were so busy I didn't want to get in their way.

My opinion (I know no one asked) is this place is GREAT!!!!  I can't wait to go again!

Happy Going out for pizza,


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