Friday, April 13, 2012

Cookie sheet (tray) Pizza!

While we were up home (NEPA) I purchased 2 large pizza shells from the local pizza shell guy and tonight we're having my version of Old Forge Pizza.  No add on's please!!  We like it with cheese and sauce!!!

That's it!!(it's all in the sauce and cheese) and please no mozzarella or provolone.  They have a secret cheese recipe in Old Forge and I'll try to duplicate it until I get it perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm slowly getting there!  Sauce great, cheese really good but not perfect, YET.... Note:  The 4 **** test is if it tastes good cold!!!!  and it DOES!!!! I love pizza hot or cold and so do my children...

Happy Cooking from my kitchen to yours,

M. J.


Pre-baked pizza shell from NEPA...

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