Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Morning! Easy Breakfast Casserole!

Our community is having a breakfast social today at our clubhouse and hubby requested my breakfast casserole.  I have tried similar versions but seem to like this one the best.This was a big hit but I was in a hurry so I'm forgot to take photos....

Layer a 9x13 inch glass pan with 4 split buttered English muffins.  Cook your sausage or bacon(approx. 1 lb.) until browned and broken apart.

In a separate bowl beat 6 eggs with 2 cups half and half. Yep half and half!:)

Place cooked meat on top of buttered English muffins and then pour egg/half and half mixture on top and cover with 2 cups grated cheese.  Note: any cheese of choice.  I used for this bake, Monterrey Jack, American and a bit of Vermont Cheddar and added a little of Sharp Cheddar on top for color.(cheese to total 2 cups)  Place in refrigerator overnight and take out of oven 15 minutes prior to baking.  Bake covered approximately 45 minutes .

Happy Baking and Cooking from my kitchen to yours,

M. J. 

**I'm thinking some Pecorino Romano cheese might be a cheese option as well.

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