Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Evening Venue! Dinner and a show!

I haven't thrown in the towel with baking and cooking but as I posted a few days ago I am also taking a much needed break and am enjoying getting out and checking out some shows and restaurants in the Naples area.

Tonight we went to a great restaurant and not only had a delicious meal we saw a wonderfully talented duo.  Husband and wife team whose name is Billy Dean and Dawn.   Guess what?  Dawn was originally from South Hills in Pittsburgh..What a small world!  Dawn has the most amazing voice and range, totally awesome...High, hitting the highest notes, low and deep singing Elvis and in between such as New York, New York..Songs from Phantom of the opera, Sonny and Cher and so many popular tunes that we were totally in awe..Billy Dean plays the keyboard and saxophone.  Great, Great Great!

Google them and you'll see for yourself!  Here's some pictures of them and the great food!

copyright 2012 I like to bake and cook!

Pork filet wrapped in bacon

Prime Rib

Billy Dean and Dawn
Picture is a little dark but I think you can get the jist!

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