Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visiting Sarasota and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine

My brother seems to be improving so I am cautiously optimistic. Please continue to keep him in your prayers at this stressful time..  We decided to do some traveling quite far from the hospital but knowing that his children are looking after him.

We are venturing to new unexplored areas here in sunny Florida.  We took a few hours and took a nice drive to see what Sarasota has to offer..It is a beautiful area with clean beaches and plenty of green palm trees and gorgeous shops to spend your money. Of course I just had to buy something!  A very beautiful evening bag! and earringstoo!!!

If you are interested in finding out a little about Sarasota, Florida, I'll post a link:

We dined at a very nice eatery and enjoyed the sites as well.

Not ours!

Good food!

Ritz Carlton Beach Club

JamieWright, Pittsburgh native performed at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club.  Tiki  Bar!

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