Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Happy Mom Memories!!

As I started writing this post my first thought was how fortunate I am to still have my mom at 89.  She hasn't baked or cooked in years but does manage to use the microwave to its max.  Truth be told! (Frozen sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave are one of her favorites).

One of the most memorable memories that will be instilled in my mind forever was that with all the baking and cooking she did she seldom ate much when we were there.  When I would question her she would say "I'll eat later when I have time".  She loved seeing us eat and didn't want to take a minute to sit and eat too!  Dad would get angry and say "Madeline, why don't you sit with us"?.  I believe she enjoyed seeing us enjoy her food more than having any of it herself..  If I would call her later that night she usually was having her meal well after we all had left.   She would say" I wasn't hungry before and now I am"! So be it!!!!  

Even though she doesn't cook anymore she loves to critique my food.  My Grandmothers' and her have greatly influenced my flair for baking, cooking and sharing.  (She was always giving her sisters and brothers, neighbors and even the mailman) baggies of her goodies and yes I do that too!!! When I visit I bring her little containers and baggies with some mini meals and lots of cookies and cakes.  I put the cookies (Biscotti are her favorite) in baggies and she takes a few out every day to have them with her coffee in the morning.  I slice some of her favorite cakes(cheesecake, pound cake, chocolate cake and wrap them individually in clear wrap, bag them in zip lock freezer bags so she can take out what slice she feels like enjoying at that particular day or moment. Little containers of pasta and small meals I carefully put just enough for a meal for her. Her appetite has decreased over the years but she still loves her sweets!!

A few days after I am home I may ask her how this or that was and she'll usually say "this could have used a bit more salt or too much icing"..I don't need all that icing!  "Why do you use so much icing"? " I'd be happy with plain cake with no icing"..There are those times that she'll tell me that everything was wonderful but critiquing seems to be what she enjoys best and that's OK with me!  I love her no matter!

P.S. She now lives in a nice little apartment in a community where she gives anyone who comes to visit or fix a light or leaky faucet hard candies in a dish that is always filled for the next visitor. (Her exact words "Take a few for your sweet tooth" and yes they always take some.  She may not bake or cook anymore but still likes to share..What a lady!!

Here's a picture of us when I was little and one a few months ago!  I am blessed!

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