Tuesday, March 20, 2012

La Cage Aux Folles!!!! Ooh la la

I hadn't seen La Cage in the movies so when tickets became available I mentioned to my hubby that I would like to see it.  I love Broadway and have seen many shows in New York but since moving to Pittsburgh haven't gotten to New York in a very long time so when the opportunity came I dashed at the chance.  Hubby wasn't interested at all and he had two car shows on is mind so I decided to go by myself..As I have gotten older going to an ocasional movie doesn't faze me in the least. (I guess that must be a sure sign that I'm getting older).

As soon as I saw the TV promo I knew I wanted to see La Cage!  I called the next morning and I was able to get a box seat which had me in an area that I was able to see the whole stage. Not bad for the first time at the Naples Philharmonic. I sat next to a woman who was so nice to talk with and she and her sister had taken their mom to see this show for her 82nd. birthday. I totally felt comfortable and the seat was super comfy.

George Hamilton had the lead..Suave and debonair as the George I remember from many movies and the most recent Dancing with the Stars. 

Christopher Sieber (Albin).  He played George on Broadway was Superb!  Excellent acting and singing..He has a very strong and pleasant voice. Her received a much deserved standing ovation..

The cast danced their hearts out and I totally enjoyed their presentation..Costumes were beautiful..All glittery and feathers galore. A great show! No pictures were allowed during the show so here's my view from the box seat.

A full house( picture appears to be a little further than it actually was)

My seat was in the center box

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