Friday, February 10, 2012

Taking a break from cooking! A great evening!!

Last night my hubby decided I needed a bit of a break and took me out for a very nice evening..Hope you enjoy my little recap of the evening!

 As soon as we entered the restaurant the aroma of garlic permeated the air and I knew I was going to feel at home. Our waitress was very cordial and explained to us that they have recently moved to this location and expanded their menu to include some family favorites of the owner who is from Italy,Ronaldo, stopped by our table to chat and told us a bit about the reason he decided to bring a little more to his restaurant by expanding the menu.

A beautiful walk after dinner

Ravioli, (meat) were a definite plus for my hubby..They were his Mom's specialty and Bruschetta, delicately placed Roma tomatoes in a beautiful balsamic reduction topped over freshly baked Italian toast.  It makes my mouth salivate as I write it.  .Wonderful!   I felt like eating some pizza (this restaurant was voted best pizza in this area 2 years in a row) so I  chose to have an Ameritcana personal pizza.   Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, pancetta in a light crust..Baked perfectly and it was so large hubby ate what I couldn't devour after his Ravioli.

Delicate crust, lightly seasoning fresh sliced tomatoes and pancetta (ham)


Cannoli and cheescake

Did we have room for dessert?  Let me just show you!  Homemade Cannoli ( no institutional cream in this delicious treat and of course Cheesecake!!!  Yummy!!! Bon Appetit!!!

To put a perfect end to a perfect evening we strolled 5th Avenue where the merchants and restaurateur's arrange for music by local artists..A fun evening!
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