Friday, December 2, 2011

My Thanksgiving sandwich: On a honey wheat bagel!

I'm starved and what could I eat!!!

Honey Wheat Bagel toasted, lean generation turkey , slice of provolone , melted and topped with cranberry relish and lettuce..Amazing!  It was just the right lunch!

This happens on  so many days but not today.   I had thought ahead yesterday when I was at the grocery store  and!

I seldom buy lunch meat but yesterday I decided just to buy a bit just to have around...

I don't like lunch meat..don't now why, other than in my head I am reminded it is not healthy for you...Too much salt, preservatives and nitrates..Yuck!!! so when I decided to buy some it was Lean Generation Honey Turkey!  and I was pleasantly surprised..Tasty and light ( I had mine sliced super thin)..I only bought enough for two sandwiches (around 1/4 lb.).. and 4 slices provolone.. I knew after two days I would be pitching it. Add some lettuce and my oh so good Cranberry Relish..Delicious!!!. Hint:  If you don't want waste watch the amount of lunch meat you buy...My feeling is that it only tastes good the day you buy it!!! after that eh!

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