Saturday, November 26, 2011

The holiday's are quickly approaching! My first appetizer suggestion

I am in a full holiday mode and although I haven't planned any parties I am thinking of various appetizers that may be a nice addition to a light bite...

After giving it serious thought I am going to follow the plan I think will work for me and you by keeping the menu to a minimum ..I like having a huge selection but to help me enjoy this time with friends and family  I realize now that too much is put into the menu and decided to cut back..

Think about it!  Make it a 3 to 5 appetizer limit; which would include one hot appetizer if possible and keep beverages to a limit.. Concentrate on making a special drink and make a large pitcher that will serve several..

Here is my first appetizer suggestion: "Pepperoni Rolls"   I'll suggest a few as it gets closer to the holidays !  Hoping to give you a heads up to make your holiday enjoyable and stress free.

Using frozen bread dough you can make them ahead and freeze them for later use...

Pepperoni rolls will make a big hit at any party or get together!!!  Enjoy

I started making these rolls years ago for a quick lunch, dinner or a take along for parties we have gone to. They are always a hit!!!!!!!!and they freeze wonderfully!

1 lb. sandwich Pepperoni(sliced thin)
1 lb. domestic Provolone(sliced thin)
3 frozen bread dough

On a  large greased cookie sheet place rolls.  Leaving some space apart...Coat top of dough with Pam. Cover with Glad wrap and follow package instructions.. I usually leave them overnight but if you leave them out early in the day on  the cookie sheet they'll probably be ready in about 8 hours. When the rolls have risen cut the rolls in half. You will be able to make 2 rolls out of one bread loaf. (6 rolls in total)( Check the package there might be a quick thaw method).

You can use Ham, Swiss cheese, cooked peppers or anything else you would like to put on the dough..Just make sure they are not wet because the dough will not roll well and stick. Pat veggies dry..
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