Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Splendor in the city: Pittsburgh

We had a lovely visit with my husbands sis and her family last weekend..The weather was perfect.  We traveled and showed them a lot of the city, checked out the Columbus Day Parade, ate some great Italian Food at Enrico Biscotti in the Strip District and drove up to Mt. Washington and enjoyed the fabulous view..Sharing time with your family is so important and we loved having them visit..We hope they'll make it a yearly tradition..

Got to give it to Pittsburgh..It's beautiful!

Parade in Bloomfield

Check out the Sister's of the Poor..they were in it as well..

Some of the parade watchers

Pizza with salami..I know it's not good for you..but it tastes so good!

Lots of Biscotti..

Excellent rating for a nice lunch

My niece had artichoke, roasted red pepper etc. topped with cheese and greens in a rolled pizza crust..yum

If course Fettucini and meatballs with fresh Italian bread!!!

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