Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Dine Out: It wasn't the whole package!

Last night we went to dinner with several friends and then to see a great Rock n Roll group of entertainers. We  enjoy getting out and one of our highlights in our dinner..We have frequented this restaurant on several occasions and the food is usually of good quality...Seasoned perfectly and complimented by its side dishes..Tonight two of us  felt there was something different than we had experienced before..I'll start by saying that it wasn't busy at the time we were there so I only expected it to be perfect and it just wasn't..I want my meals served HOT (steam arising from them)..Well not exactly but I do expect them close to that.  The lettuce in my salad was wilted, appearing to have been laying in the dressing, the veggies were diced which was fine but having the lettuce looking like it had seen a better day ruined the salad..and it was warm!!! Not good!!! My entree was done to my satisfaction inside(I asked for medium well(I usually try to explain, light pink in center) and they usually get that.. I will go there again and give them another chance but my rating is a C..I want my salad crisp and my food HOT!
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