Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi: I'm approaching my 100th Blog!

As I approach my 100th blog I want to thank everyone who are reading and enjoying it. Thank you!  

This blog has helped me.  Somewhere over the past few years I had lost some of my passion in a area I always enjoyed and felt comfortable.   I did have to push myself a little, actually a lot!  I also had succumbed to dinning out and disappointing meals.  Spending lots of money for poor quality food just because I thought it was easier and I deserved it.  My hubby loved dining out and was always wanting to check out new restaurants.

We have always been selective on where we eat but have realized that our meals at home were much more enjoyable in every way.  We still dine out but not nearly as much.   I don't make big meals every day.    I still make my family favorites and new recipes but throw in a pizza or sub now and again.  We seldom eat fast food; can't say never because when traveling we do pick up a burger but I have to say that most times it just doesn't appeal to either of us. I do feel the less you eat that stuff the less you desire it.  

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog as much as I love bringing it to you..

Just one thing if I could ask?  I want to continue to make my blog interesting and enjoyable.  If  you would suggest recipes that you would like me to post and leave it in the comment section or an idea that you think  might help spark an interest.  I want you to enjoy coming back to my blog.

With heartfelt thanks,


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